Instructions for students

Important Instructions For Students

  • Identity card should be kept handy all the time and produced on demand. Failure to produce ID Card on demand may lead to a fine of Rs 100/- or Expulsion from college. This ID card cannot be used for travelling in bus
  • It is in interest of the students to regularly check the Notice Board for new updates/notices. Student are responsibility if he/she does not get any information due to non checking notice board.
  • Parents are advised to regularly ask students about their attendence & discipline. College usually does not does not send any information by mail.
  • Uncivilized dressing & abusing are prohibted in college.
  • Students are restricted to wander in college or at Road during free periods.
  • Students are prohibted to apply notices on Notice Board without permission.
  • Discipline should be maintained at all time. Any student violating discipline will be treated strictly.
  • Mobile phones/pager are banned in college
  • Outsiders are not allowed in college unless with some specific purpose.
  • Voilation of above mentioned instructions can lead to a fine of Rs 100 to 500 & the further admission can be stopped.



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